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Astrology Explorers Meetup Group

90 Minutes | $20

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Explorer Meetups

90 Minutes | $20

Astrology Explorer Meetups are a great way for you to get to know me and my astrology offerings. You will connect with a community of lovely people who gather via ZOOM every 2-3 weeks for astrology insight.

Astrology Explorers Meetup Groups are 90 minutes for $20. I will cast your birth chart, and send you a copy. I will teach about the current energies affecting us all. Then, I make it personal! I will channel a message for each person based on their birth chart as influenced by the transit chart. You will also receive a MP4 recording (audio and visual) of our reading. This is such a joyful way to get an infusion of love from Source to help you right now!

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I recently joined Susan McCullen's meetup group, Astrology Explorers, after a friend recommended it to me. Susan made me feel very welcome to the group. I know nothing about astrology so I was not sure how much I would understand from the meetup, and from a personal reading with Susan. I need not have worried at all about feeling out of my depth during both sessions!

Amy W.

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