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Personal Readings

90 Minutes | $125

Personal Readings: Text
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Personal Readings

90 Minutes | $125

This is how your personal reading will unfold.

I will take in the gestalt, the ambiance, the overall feeling of your chart. Then, I dive in, led by Source. We will get to know the "real you" by savoring the gifts and challenges in your birth chart. I will channel messages from Source to give you direct guidance about your unique gifts.

Then, we will look at transits, checking out the weather, and creating strategies for maximizing your ease and flow through Your Life, Your Way, Now!

Would you like to know how your energy meshes with another person?  I can combine 2 or more charts, and give you the sense of how the relationship functions.  When you understand your unique dynamics, it's easier to create harmony.






Personal Readings: About Me

Here are the gifts of working with personal transits.

  • A timeline is revealed. We can plan for riding the waves of energy, instead of feeling adrift.

  • A sense of purpose is shown. We see a call to action, instead of just marinating in our own narrow perspective.

  • There is revelation of "helpers". I always look for helping aspects, the friendly dynamics that help us remember that Source is always on our side. Help is always available.

Would you like to have a reading with me? I would love to connect with you to co-create a pathway for your forward momentum and to help you remember the REAL YOU!

Personal Readings: Text

I have had my natal chart, transit charts, my husband's and children's natal charts all done by Susan. It has been informative and helpful. Susan is responsive and sensitive to questions and speaks in terms that explains what things mean. Susan is knowledgable, insightful, and professional.

Faye D.

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