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Pisces New Moon February 2022 - All Planets Direct!

Hello, Beautiful Astrology Explorers!

What a wild ride these days! All of the planets are direct, and forward momentum is strong.

How are you feeling? Forward momentum can paradoxically bring up old energies that can feel like a ball and chain. It’s like driving with the brakes on.

Good news! This Pisces New Moon on March 2, is full of beautiful energy. Releasing old stuff and imagining and creating new visions and manifestations is right up the alley of this beautiful New Moon.

Here are some lovely highlights. New Moon conjunct expansive, benevolent Jupiter. New Moon and Jupiter sextile Uranus, adding bright new energy from the planet known as the Great Awakener. New Moon and Jupiter quintile the North Node, bring strong creative flow between these planets.

I also have to tell you about Pluto conjunct Venus, Mars, and Vesta - in a trine with North Node, and sextile Neptune, the ruler of the New Moon.

Whew! There is more, so much more. But how does this effect you personally?

Lucky you, if you come to Astrology Explorers meetup Sunday, February 27, 3-4:30 EDT via Zoom, you will find out. I will zero in on YOU and let Source give me your best message to help you get full value from this gorgeous New Moon.

New Moons are the best time to set new intentions and plant seeds. What would you like to manifest? The dreamy water signs can help you envision your best new version of YOU. The earth signs can help you create this HERE and NOW.

Please RSVP at The cost is $20 for your personalized experience, but first timers attend for $10. I limit attendance to 6 so each person gets full value. I will do your chart, and also send you an mp4 recording.

I would love to connect with you. I would love to help you move into your next iteration of self, and your beautiful, expanded life. You can get a fuller picture of me and my astrology at

I hope we can make magic together!


Susan McCullen

Intuitive Astrologer

P.S. Some of you may note that I have been off the grid for awhile. My higher self has led me on yet another deep dive to release old energy, so I can embody more and more light. I feel like Venus, my patron Goddess, rising as the Morning Star. I am ready for more connection and more joy! I look forward to dancing with you!



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