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Spring Surge March 2022

Shoutout to Jupiter and Neptune together April 11, 2022!

This is a remarkable time of the year. Astrologers view this as the start of the new year. The planetary positions, and their relationships with one another, set the tone of the year. This is a very dynamic year. We have felt locked up and closed in for the last 2 years. There is a very forward moving energy to this year. This does not mean easy. Not at all.

There will continue to be power clashes, power grabbing, and people rebelling against oppression. We are birthing a new world in which old structures that no longer serve will be starkly demonstrated as dysfunctional. There will be exciting new innovations, inventions, and shifting paradigms. This energy will continue for many years to come.

Keep your eyes and ears open for story lines that don’t add up. Use your discernment to see through illusion, especially illusion presented by those in positions of power that are trying to maintain the status quo for their own benefit.

There is a very beautiful conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces on April 11th. Because of the magnitude of this coming together, we are already in this energy. This can be a time of great spirituality, vision, creativity, compassion, and heightened intuition. Pay attention to nudging from within to express something; perhaps an art project, writing, gardening, shifting something in your life, or connecting with others in a creative, compassionate manner.

We have an extraordinary amount of energy in Aquarius, which is the sign of innovation, invention, the future, friendship, hope, technology, and equality for all. Aquarius also stands for respect for the individual, in all their uniqueness.

Combine this with the beautiful, transcendent energy of Pisces, and there is a truly great opportunity to launch a new way of connecting and creating peace on earth.

Now let’s throw in the dynamic energy of Aries. Aries has great fire. Aries wants to start new projects. Aries wants to move forward and get things done. Aries says “Let’s go!” And sometimes “Out of my way!” We can use this fire to mobilize our resources and take action.

We are truly at a pivot point in the evolution of humankind. My favorite phrases are:

A place for everyone at the table.

Every voice heard.

A fair deal for everyone.

Respect for everyone, in all their unique diversity.

Honoring and caring for the planet.

Let’s work together to create a world where all can have the opportunity to thrive, including our great mother, the earth. Every voice is important. No act is too small. We all make ripples in the pond, and there is untold benefit that comes from every kind word, every smile.

Would you like to check in and see what energy is emphasized in YOUR chart, RIGHT NOW?

Astrology Explorers meetup is happening this Sunday, March 27, 3-4:30 via Zoom. I will channel a message for each person inspired by their birth chart, with an overlay of the transit chart. You will also get a mp4 recording to savor whenever you want. The cost is $20, but FIRST TIMERS GET TO ATTEND FOR $10! Please RSVP at

Want a deeper dive? Check out my website or contact me at I love doing personal readings based on your birth chart.

I wish you a transformative year!

Susan McCullen

Intuitive Astrologer


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