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ANOTHER Aquarius Full Moon, August 22, 2021


A Full Moon at the very last few minutes of Aquarius! The Sun opposing at the very last few minutes of Leo! Get ready for this powerful lunation with Meetup on August 15, to celebrate the Full Moon occurring Sunday, August 22.

Mastery. Urgency. Power. Knowing.

When a planet or luminary reaches the last degree of a sign, there is a completion energy.

What has been learned? What do I know now, deep in my heart?

The conscious linear brain can, and often does, override an intuitive knowing of what is truth. In Leo, this is a knowing of WHO WE ARE. A valuing of ourselves, separate from the scripts we were handed by our family of origin and our culture. Leo is all about heart energy. It rules the heart and the spine! Grow a backbone! Be who you came to be! Let deep knowing guide your feelings, values, and actions.

Aquarius is about individual freedom. It is about collective, cooperative action to remake the world. It is about the future. About innovation, invention, and downloads from the cosmos that can shift paradigms.

Jupiter is conjunct the Moon at this Full Moon. Jupiter expands everything it touches. Jupiter strengthens, illumines, and bring positive energy.

Sunday, August 15, 3-4:30 I will unpack the dynamics of this Full Moon at Astrology Explorers meetup via Zoom. I take about 30 minutes to feel into and express the dominant energies, as Source guides me to share. Then I will give a short personal reading to each participant, based on their natal (birth) chart, and messages I receive. To be clear, this is not a Q & A, or in-depth journey into your chart. Please book a personal reading with me if that is your desire.

You can RSVP at I limit attendance to 8 people so everyone gets some direct communication from my channeling of Source.

The cost is $20, payable via Venmo, Paypal, or personal check, but for a limited time I am inviting new people to participate for $10. So if you’ve never attended a meetup, this is your chance! You will get your natal chart, and a mp4 recording as part of your fee. Such a deal!

I look forward to connecting, and sharing the love. ❤️ 💗 💕 🥰


Susan McCullen

Intuitive Astrologer

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