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Aquarius Full Moon July 23, 2021

lHello, Beautiful Astrology Explorers!

I am basking in my favorite season! I love the warmth, sun, blooming plants, and gorgeous trees. And all the opportunities to get outside and do fun things!

Are you interested in an Astrology Explorers meetup? The siren call of nature, and the freedom to once again be in live contact with each other seem to diminish the appeal of a 90 minute Zoom experience.

On the other hand, the messages and energy are pouring through me as never before. I am tuning in and letting Source bring through the most helpful gifts. This is a vision I have held for years, and it is now manifesting.

I would love to share with you.

I will host an Astrology Explorers meetup Sunday, July 18, 3-4:30, for the Aquarius Full Moon on July 23. Once again beautiful Aquarius ♒️ energy is gifting us with futuristic visions for creating our New World. The full moon 🌕 in Aquarius is in polarity with the brilliant sun in its’ home sign of Leo ♌️. The sun is exactly conjunct my Leo moon 🌙 , and Mars is conjunct my ascendant and natal sun 🌞 . I expect the energy pour through with unusual power! Whew!

Beautiful Vesta, keeper of the eternal flame 🔥 is in trine to the New Moon, and in sextile to the Sun. Combine this with Mars and Sun in Leo, and the amplitude is out of this world!

I will unpack the Aquarius Full Moon, and then channel a message for each person. I will have done a chart for any new people prior to the meetup. Everyone gets a mp4 recording. The cost is $20. To be clear: this is not a Q&A - we get whatever Source knows is our perfect message.

No astrology knowledge necessary! Lots of opportunity to remember who you are and what you came to do! Let’s aim high, build community, and bring in the New World together!

Hope to see you soon!

Susan McCullen

Intuitive Astrologer

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