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Celebrate Bright New Energy at Meetup, October 24, 2021

Hello, Beautiful Astrology Explorers!

Astrology information meant for the masses can seem very confusing. Rightfully so. When astrologers do astroposts, instagrams, podcasts, etc, they are reading the astrology for the collective.

For example, 2021 is heavily influenced by the ongoing square of Saturn and Uranus. This is freedom versus rules, liberty versus structure, and innovation versus the tried and true. We can see this playing out in world energy. The long running square of Eris, the street fighter, and Pluto, lord of transformation through destruction of what no longer works, adds to the tension and the pain in the world.

But what if you are having a stellar year? What if your relationships and connections are blossoming? Or conversely, you are staying in bed with the covers pulled over your head?

Your personal chart is the key to knowing your clearest path. The key to navigating the ups and downs. Your helpers when life is getting a bit “thick”. I tried to talk myself out of the word “thick”, but here it is, persistently insisting on being used. The image I have is trying to move through space that is full of sludge. Do I charge ahead? Do I take a long bath? Do I call in sick- to my life?

Transits are how the planets are currently moving. They trigger points in your natal chart at key times. They indicate energies that are pushing, pulling, coaxing, or slowing your inner and outer life.

To me, this is the true “meat and potatoes” of astrology. Where I have the most fun. Where I am most helpful. That is why when I lead Astrology Explorer Meetups I do a personal chart for each person. And a mini-reading for each person.

This is pretty much unheard of in the astrology community. It is a ton of work to move from person to person, energy to energy, within the course of a 90-110 minute meetup. I could not do it without my intuition. I let Source, God/dess, Universe, Multiverse lead the whole meetup. I do your chart ahead of time, and send it to you. I send everyone a mp4 recording of the meetup. And I put the full power of my attention and wisdom into every meetup and every personal reading. My prayer before every reading is to be helpful.

I charge $20 for the meetup. First timers pay $10. I want to reach as many beautiful souls as I can. I would love to connect with you. Want a deeper dive? I would love to do a full 90 personal reading with you, the cost is $125.

We will Meetup on Sunday, October 24, 3-4:30 (or so) via Zoom.

Here’s the scoop.

Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto will have moved from retrograde to direct during October. HUGE shift in energy.

Venus in Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter in Aquarius. This is the two BENEFICS coming together with new ideas and fire 🔥 to move forward.

Vesta trines Neptune. Mercury sextiles Venus and trines Jupiter. Venus conjunct Juno trines Eris. Yes please!

How does this effect YOU?

Can I be of service to YOU?


When I get your RSVP, I will contact you about your birth chart, and all the details to CO-CREATE MAGIC WITH YOU.

I wish you joy and peace. I wish you fun!

I wish you full expression of your inner fire! 🔥


Susan McCullen

Intuitive Astrologer for scheduling 90 minute deep dives into YOU.

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