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Full Moon in Leo Packed with Aquarius Energy

Hello, Astrology Explorers!

Every 2000 years or so, the precession of the equinoxes moves us from one energetic into another. We have been in the energy of Pisces since the birth of Christ. We are now emerging into Aquarius energy.

Remember the song “this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius”? Hello, here we are!

The Full Moon in Leo on January 28th is packed with Aquarian energy. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pallas Athena, and the Sun are sitting across the sky from the Moon in Leo. This polarity sets up dynamic tension. Both Aquarius and Leo can agree on the need to honor individual expression. Aquarius represents the individual expressing the authentic self, working within the collective to create parity, equality, and horizontal power dynamics. Aquarius respects uniqueness, innovation, and futuristic thinking.

Leo wants to be loved. Leo wants to be seen. Leo wants to be center stage.

The lower expression of Leo energy is ego mania. Self centeredness. Seeking the spotlight without earning it.

The higher expression of Leo is truly knowing self. Honoring the soul’s desire to give to the world, to be seen, to shine light and warmth. Leo is generous, creative, playful, and a natural leader.

I have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Black Moon Lilith, Ascendant, and Pluto conjunct South node in Leo. I have the north node in Aquarius. My soul’s drive is put positive Leo attributes in the service of Aquarian ideals.

I am blessed to have all the Leo energy in my 12th house, except for my ascendant and Sun, conjunct at 25 degrees. The 12th house of mysticism, hidden energy, and boundary-less imagination have curtailed ego mania, at least for me. Years of service as an RN have honored my 6th house north node in Aquarius, and have taught me patience and respect for everyone’s unique life journey.

My point is that the Leo-Aquarius polarity is home turf for me. I feel deeply the Aquarian pull towards remaking our world. The chaos and dismantling of the old order personified by Pluto in Capricorn, joined throughout 2020 by Jupiter and Saturn, is creating the building blocks for transforming our world. Global warming created by greed, collusion of lobbyists and politicians, assault weapons available to use against children, violence against minorities and women, poisoning of our food by agribusiness - none of this will stand as the Aquarian energy asserts itself. Aquarius creates new solutions to old problems. A level playing field. A place for everyone at the table. Acceptance of EVERYONE, regardless of where they fall on the spectrum of color, creed, sexuality, and mental function.

Would you like to join me on Sunday, January 24, 3-4:30 to unpack this beautiful energy? To see how it personally effects you? Astrology Explorers meetup is a lovely gathering of beautiful people who want to rise up to meet the incoming energy of change. We gather every 2-4 weeks via Zoom. I speak for about 30 minutes about the transits in the heavens. Then I do a mini reading for everyone, based on their birth chart, with an overlay of the transits. I let Source take the helm so my linear brain doesn’t miss something critical for each person.

The $20 fee includes your birth chart, group participation, mini-reading, and a mp4 recording (audio and video) of the meetup. Early bird registration by end of day Tuesday, January 19, is $15. Please RSVP at I am limiting attendance to 10 people. At the meetup January 10, I limited attendance to 12 people, and had 5 people on the wait list. I am decreasing the number since the meetup lasted 2 hours! Source had so much info to send through me! So please RSVP early if this energy calls to you.

I wish you blessings and peace in these tumultuous times. Please read the post script if things are feeling rocky for you right now.


Susan McCullen

Intuitive Astrologer

P.S. Big, big energy this week. And, sigh….. for the rest of the month. There are many squares creating tension. I am having hot flashes and depressing revisiting of energy I thought was healed. I am breathing my way through the hot flashes, using Eden Energy Medicine. I am reminding myself we are all revisiting the Pluto Purge, with Pluto in the final stage of clearing its retrograde shadow. Pluto is free of its shadow on January 25. THINGS WILL GET EASIER. FEBRUARY WILL BE EASIER THAN JANUARY. The rest of the year will be easier, but only in contrast to the previous 14 months.

We are in this together! Let’s come together and support each other! If you would like a personal reading, please check out Thank you!

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