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Gemini Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021

Hello Astrology Explorers!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Universe for bringing my stuff right up into my face.

I knew I was full of judgments, but I get to see them all (?) now.

I knew I had a mistaken idea of my role in the world, but I thought I was noble. Ha!

Thanks to the Full Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 - and to all the energy leading up to it - I now see with fresh eyes.

I thought there was a nobility to sacrifice. A nobility to picking up other people’s energy in an attempt to help transmute it. A nobility to what I now see as codependency.

Overgiving is just that. Overgiving. There is nothing noble about it. You can’t love someone while trying to heal them. You CAN love compassionately and without goals.

When Source comes through me with an energy or a certain message for a person, it’s not my job to achieve something. To make them happy, to effect a change. I am to remain neutral and loving while they see if the offering has a place in their healing journey.

RIGHT NOW is the best time to release old stuff. As we approach the Gemini Solar Eclipse New Moon June 10, there is an extraordinary flushing energy on the planet, in our bodies, minds, and energy fields.

Things may come up for you to bless and release. Things may come up that seem very, very old. They likely are.

The line-up of old prejudices and judgments I am looking in the teeth amazes me! Where did I get this crap? Multiple past lives are healing now.

We can reframe this purging, we can see it as the great opportunity to approach the Gemini Solar New Moon Eclipse on June 10th with open hands (Gemini). Hands that used to hold fast to old beliefs and messages (Sagittarius). Hands that are now empty and ready to receive new energy and wisdom.

On Sunday, June 6th, 3-4:30, I will host Astrology Explorers meetup for the Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse, via Zoom.

Eclipses jump timelines, and shift trajectories. They are portals, gateways, entryways into new dimensions. There is brief darkness, then sudden illumination that brings in new information and energy. Lunar eclipses occur at Full Moons, and are about purging and releasing. Solar eclipses take place at New Moons, and are super charged new beginnings that can carry us for the next 6 months and beyond.

What would you like to create? To welcome in? Decisions, choices, and intentions made now have far reaching ramifications. We can unpack this together at the Astrology Explorers meetup.

Here’s how it works. I spend about 30 minutes talking about the Eclipse, and the energies highlighted. The New Moon and the Sun are conjunct Mercury, ruler of Gemini, and therefore of this Eclipse. This magnifies the energy. Then I ask Source for a message for each participants. To be clear, this is not a Q & A session. Source gives what it gives. I limit the number of participants to 8 so each person gets focused attention. I started doing this about 6-8 months ago, channelling for each person their message from Source. I used to exclusively find the house that the lunation occurred in for each person, until Source led me in a different direction. Now I let go and let it rip, and it is FUN! I am not “working hard”, since I let Source take the wheel.

The cost is $20 for this personalized dive into the Gemini Solar Eclipse. You can pay me via Venmo, PayPal, or by check. If I haven’t done your natal (birth) chart, I will do it, and send to you. You will also connect with the other lovely Astrology Explorers. The group energy is supportive and friendly. No astrology experience necessary.

Care to join us? It will be a pleasure to co-create with you. Together our energy sends ripples out into the Universe to nourish the collective, and to help lift the energy of all beings, including our beautiful planet.

Please RSVP at

Sent with love and appreciation for all the wonderful people reading this, and the wonderful non-physical entities blessing us now.


Susan McCullen

Intuitive Astrologer

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