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More to Say about the Incredible Aquarius Full Moon August 22, 2021

I had to write more about the Aquarius Full Moon August 22, 2021. IT IS VERY BIG!

URANUS is stationary now at 14 degrees, 47 minutes of Taurus, preparing to go retrograde on August 19.

When is planet is stationary and retrograde, it is closest to the earth. Its’ energy is magnified. So breathe that in for a minute.

The POWER of URANUS magnified.

URANUS: The Great Awakener. Abrupt change. The future. Rebellion. Freedom. Innovation. Technology. Ground breaking - literally can create earthquakes, especially in Taurus.


We had a Full Moon in AQUARIUS July 23. We have another August 22. This can be a culmination of what was begun at the AQUARIUS New Moon February 11, 2021.

This Full Moon feels like a very potent exclamation point on a big cycle of owning personal power. Graduating from the minors into the majors, the big league. Standing tall and choosing individual freedom and expression.

Saturn and Jupiter are in AQUARIUS, adding their weight to this energy. Saturn is in a Grand Air Trine with the North Node in Gemini, and Venus in Libra. Good conversations that help birth the new earth. The NEW YOU.

URANUS (I’ll say it again - it’s the ruler of AQUARIUS) is trining Mercury, Hygeia, and Mars in Virgo. Strong earth energy to make it real on the physical plane.

How about you? Are you ready to make it real on the earth plane? To tell your truth, speak your piece, own your power?

We are powerful one by one, and we are powerful together. There is nothing to keep us small, except our own fear.


This AQUARIUS Full Moon takes place in my 6th house of service, health, and priestess energy. So I am standing up and sending out the clarion call for light workers to connect, collaborate, and shoot sparks of energy and intention out into the world. Remember that the Sun is in Leo! The Lion is ruler of her domain. Do you want to rule your domain? Stand sovereign in your power? Join me! Where does the Aquarius Full Moon fall in your chart?

There are 2 spots left in the AQUARIUS Full Moon meetup this Sunday, August 15. You can RSVP at And if this fills up (8 only, so that each person gets a personal message), we’ll figure out another way to connect. The meetup cost is $20 per person, which includes an unpacking of the Full Moon energy, and a short personal reading for each person. You also get a mp4 recording of the meetup. If this is your first time, I’ll do your birth chart, and you get to attend for only $10!

I wish you a bright and happy Full Moon. I wish you easy and rapid passage through your many changes. Remember, AQUARIUS is the strongest change agent in the skies. Let’s ride this strong wind to fresh new energy!


Susan McCullen

Intuitive Astrologer

Here is a truism: we can embrace change, recalibrate, pivot, regroup, shift gears, or; go kicking and screaming into the future, into the new.

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