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Pluto conjunct the New Moon January 13, 2021

Hello Astrology Explorers!

The New Moon January 13, 2021 at 23 degrees of Capricorn is exactly conjunct Pluto.

Yet again we will experience activation of the Pluto energy which tears down the old to create the new.

Sun and Moon together create a New Moon. It is a time of new beginnings. It is conception. It has lasting effects, felt most immediately for the 2 weeks leading up to the next Full Moon. But it also is working on a subterranean level for the next 6 months until the Full Moon in the same sign.

Pluto is power. Deep, strong, unwavering power. Pluto is unstoppable. Pluto is irreversible. What Pluto touches can never return to its’ former state.

We have experienced Pluto deeply, strongly, painfully in 2020. COVID has forever changed our world. Pluto, via COVID, is revealing all the social and economic cracks in our country and beyond. But even in the years leading up to 2020, we have felt Pluto highlighting injustice. Black Lives Matter, Me Too, #NewDeal For Nature, Day of Silence for LGBTQ, Get Your Knee Off Our Necks, United We Dream (a youth led immigration rights movement), #NeverAgain: all are Aquarian responses to the corruption, inequality, and violence that a broken system is perpetuating upon its’ people.

I’ll be frank. When first I cast the chart for the New Moon on January 13, I was dismayed. This is some heavy s—t. More activation of Pluto. Plus: Eris, the goddess of disruption in order to create justice, is super powerful in Aries, and is squaring the New Moon. Also: Mars is squaring Jupiter and Saturn. Whew!

Then I did what I always do when I look at challenge in a chart. I looked for the helpers.

Venus - our values and self esteem- is trining Uranus - the ruler of Aquarius, known as the great awakener. This is very strong, and very powerful. And very good.

The powerhouse of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and Pallas Athena conjunct in Aquarius, is sextile to Chiron - deep soul healing - in Aries. This is very good.

Asteroids Juno and Astreia in Sagittarius are sextiling Mercury and Pallas Athena in Aquarius. They are championing justice, vision, commitment, and strategy.

Asteroid Vesta, keeper of the eternal flame of the soul, solid and grounded in her home sign of Virgo, is trining the New Moon.

There is plenty here to give us the wisdom, strength, and vision to use this New Moon to help birth a renaissance on earth.

This phenomenal time of transformation is activating more power for change than the earth has known for millennia. And you are right in the center of it.

Would you like to know more? Come to Astrology Explorers meetup via Zoom on Sunday, January 10, 3-4:30. No astrology background needed! I give an overview of the energy, and then I do a mini personal reading for each person. Source sends me the best message to help you, and I do my best to get out of the way, and let it through!!! I will do your birth chart and send it to you prior to meetup.

There is a $20 fee for this wonderful group and personal experience, but if you RSVP at by the end of the year, your fee will be $15. You can pay me via Venmo (preferred because they keep less of the fee), personal check, or PayPal. I send the Zoom link to your personal email at 2:45, feel free to check in early and connect with the group.

I am limiting registration to 12 people, because I am doing a mini reading for each person. So if this event calls to you, register early.

I would love to connect with you, activate Aquarian energy for beautiful change, and co-create a coherence of love that will radiate out into the universe. You know that’s a thing, right?

Thank you!

Love and Blessings,

Susan McCullen

Intuitive Astrologer

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