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Virgo New Moon/Uranus trine the Moon

The Virgo Full Moon on February 27, 2021 is super charged with - wait for it - MORE AQUARIAN ENERGY! Not only do we have Chariklo, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pallas Athena in Aquarius, we also have Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, trine the Moon, and sextile the Sun.

So what?

We are in a time of super charged new energy. Innovation, invention, mind bending shifts of perspective, cosmic downloads from the great beyond, etc, etc, etc. If you’ve been reading my posts you could possibly recite this along with me. There is FRESH AIR blowing through our world.

I’ve spoken with several clients lately who have ideas flying around in their minds. Maybe more ideas than are comfortable. Mercury transiting through Aquarius can amp up the stimulation. I think the Virgo Full Moon will help with that.

Want some practical action? Virgo! Want a step-by-step game plan? Virgo! Want to bring in attention to detail, that editorial eye? Virgo! How about combining this with daily practices to support health? Virgo!

Aquarius is an air energy. Aquarius can be many wonderful things, but it can also be science without a heart. Aquarius can be social justice and humanitarianism, but from an impersonal, aloof perspective. 5G, artificial intelligence, mass media used for mind control, even the creation of the atom bomb are examples of Aquarius energy. As with all energies, Aquarius needs to be balanced to harness the gifts, and moderate the plunge into the future without injecting love into the equation.

I believe the Sun in Pisces at the Virgo Full Moon injects the love. Pisces is the most compassionate, creative, imaginative, boundary-less sign. Pisces and Virgo in polarity with each other at the Full Moon bring the practical (Virgo) and the visionary open heart (Pisces) to the mix.

More powerful aspects, please?


How about Saturn, ancient ruler of Aquarius, square Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius?


How about the powerful master strategist energy of Pallas Athena sextiling the firebrand feminine energy of Eris and Black Moon Lilith?


How about Jupiter and Mercury trining the North Node, and sextiling the South Node?


I could go on and on.

You are cordially invited to unpack this energy with me at one of two Astrology Explorer meetups, Saturday, February 20, and Sunday, February 21, 3-4:30, via Zoom. Well, to be perfectly honest, we tend to go into overtime since I do a mini-reading for each person, using their birth chart with an overlay of the transit chart. In this case, our transit chart is the Virgo Full Moon. I limit numbers to 8, so everyone gets good value for their money. And Source gets full reign to let all the goodness come through!

Speaking of money, $20 is the fee. After you RSVP at, contact me via meetup or to arrange payment. I will do a birth chart for you if you are new to the group.

I hope you can help us co-create magic at this beautiful culmination of energy known as the Virgo Full Moon!


Susan McCullen

Intuitive Astrologer

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