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Spiritual First Responders

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Are you a Spiritual First Responder? We appreciate the wonderful first responders and health care workers who are so central to our safety in our 3D experience. I am grateful for my brothers and sisters who are doing this important work. But now I’d like to talk about the Spiritual First Responders who are birthing our new world. These are light workers holding the vision of our global/cosmic transformation. Light workers who are coming from the heart, and allowing Spirit, through them, to pour forth healing balm on the very troubled waters of our 3D experience.

All around us we see the chaos of the dying old world order. Structures (Saturn) that no longer serve are being torn down (Pluto in Capricorn). The disenfranchised (Black Moon Lilith and Eris) are rising up (with Mars in Aries) to insist on individual and collective rights being recognized. There is a groundswell movement that is unstoppable.

I get that this may sound like confusing jargon to many people. Even if this is difficult to wrap your mind around, do you feel any resonance in your heart? Are you able to tune in to the beautiful essence of the new energy coming in?

There are some wise astrologers, such as Molly McCord, Tania Gabrielle, and Pam Gregory who have specific information that references the new energy coming into earth. Their YouTube podcasts are inspirational, and I highly recommend them. What I would like to do now is to highlight and encourage the Spiritual First Responders.

From our quiet place on the living room sofa we can be effective. From our place in line in the grocery store we can be effective. With our vote we can be effective. With our friendly wave as we pass a stranger on our walk we can be effective. There is no time or place where our loving presence can be diminished. Choose again, and choose again, and choose yet again to be kind, to be mindful, to be helpful. We stand fast, we stand upright, with our values and our beliefs in the inherent goodness of humankind.

There is within the outer chaos a quiet inner revolution of faith. Faith that knows we are birthing a new world. Faith that knows being in the birth canal is painful, at least on the 3D level. Faith that can move from focusing on the trauma in front of us, to the eagle’s eye view that can see the broad perspective. There is a rebalancing of power and energy on the planet, and we are front and center in this metamorphosis!

Please know that I am always available to connect with you to support you in your radical/gentle/profound upward spiral of evolution. Contact me, and let’s see where our paths intersect!


Susan McCullen

Intuitive Astrologer

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